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Empathy-Driven Coaching



Provide clients with thoughtful and effective strategies to achieve their career goals.


Maintain a neutral and unbiased stance, allowing clients to explore their goals and challenges without personal influence.

Meet Our Head Coach

With 20+ years in the technology industry, Josh Bob’s career spans from the first Dot.Com era to today. Armed with an MBA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Josh considers himself first a student of people, which serves him well as the Head Coach at Career Vision. He believes strongly in using empathy to tailor a coaching program to the individual, bringing a personalized approach to every session.

After starting his career in marketing, Josh has run adult kickball leagues for over 20,000 players, written ad copy that aired during NFL games, led operations for a five-day Olympics-style event, and sold a startup after building it up from nothing. He’s been the beneficiary of career coaching and has developed his own methodology to help others learn how to use their skills and expertise to build careers that are both satisfying and enjoyable.

Want to experience working with Josh? Book some time with him and embark on a journey towards career clarity and success.