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Victor N.
Product Manager

“Josh is a phenomenal career coach with a keen eye for the details needed to succeed in communicating your value as you seek a new opportunity or transition to a new role. Josh possesses a talent for clear communication and a highly logical approach to framing and delivering your story and message. He provides direct and actionable guidance to hone your interviewing skills to really knock any interview out of the park. It’s been a pleasure working with Josh and seeing the positive impact and changes to my career which will allow me to unlock new opportunities.”

Wendy G.
Executive Assistant

“Josh’s guidance has been instrumental in enabling me to attain my career goals. His expert resume review and interview preparation process gave me the confidence I needed to make great first impressions. He has guided me through several career advancements over the years, and I know I can rely on him for my future endeavors.”

Andrew L.
Senior Product Manager

“Three things set Josh apart from my past coaching experiences:

  1. He helped me identify experiences relevant to the role I was looking for, then craft the vision, and develop my narrative.
  2. He gave direct and actionable advice, so at the end of each session I had a list of specific action items.
  3. He was fun to work with: I genuinely enjoyed each session.

Michael N.

“Josh played a pivotal role in my career development, providing guidance and support that significantly impacted my professional journey. He helped me clarify my strengths and passions and improve my interview skills, which enabled me to pass all four rounds of interviews for a role that was perfect for me. He gave me the confidence to pursue opportunities that align with my skills and interests. Josh took the time to understand my specific goals, needs, and aspirations, crafting a tailored plan for my unique journey. I’d happily recommend him to anyone!”

Emily F.
Project Manager

“Working with Josh was a transformative experience. The mentorship I received refined my leadership goals. Now I feel better equipped to effectively navigate challenges.”

Akhil G.
VP of Product

“Thank you for your expert guidance! After working with Josh a few times, he transformed my approach to resumes and interviews. He made me more comfortable telling my story, and it worked! I’ve gotten more interviews and positioned myself as a standout candidate in a competitive job market.”

Rick B.
Director of Product Management

Before joining your program, I worked with an executive recruiter. Yesterday, I showed him the resume Josh and I built together and he was very impressed!”

Aaron G.
Financial Analyst

“Career Vision’s approach to resume crafting and interview preparation is unparalleled. The attention to detail and industry-specific insights resulted in a standout resume, and the mock interviews significantly boosted my confidence during the actual process.”

Laura Y.
Human Resources Specialist

“The impact of Career Vision Coaching on my career has been profound. The personalized strategies clarified my career direction and equipped me with the skills to proactively pursue and achieve my professional goals.”

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